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Avengers Assemble Season 1 Episodes Hindi-Tamil-Telugu-English Multi Audio Download

Avengers Assemble Season 1 Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download

Series Info

Name: Avengers Assemble

Season No: 01

Episodes: 26

Release Year: 2013

TV Channel (India): Disney XD/Marvel HQ

Language: Hindi-English-Tamil-Telugu

Subtitle: English [Softcoded]

Quality: 1080p FHD | 720p HD | 480p WEB-DL Hotstar

Size: 90MB-350MB



When Red Skull is dying due to his imperfect Super Soldier Serum, he teams up with MODOK who upgrades HYDRA’s tech from A.I.M. to kidnap Captain America. Red Skull wants MODOK to help him transfer his mind to Captain America’s body. After his defeat by a reassembled team of Avengers, Red Skull takes Iron Man’s armor for its life support system. This leaves Tony for dead. The Avengers get Stark a new Iron Man armor. Red Skull attacks them at their mansion. Red Skull is once again defeated. The Avengers Mansion is destroyed during the fight. Red Skull plans to take away everything the Avengers hold dear from their lives to their country by trying to have them hated by the people for failing to save the day.

To even the playing field, Red Skull brings together his team of power giants called the Cabal. Red Skull’s invitational transmissions are shown to have been received by Attuma, Doctor Doom, and Dracula. Attuma and Dracula accept the invitation while Doctor Doom declined. The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. intercept the transmission, and decide to remain together to battle the Cabal. To stay close to each other after Avengers Mansion blew up, they set up their base in Avengers Tower. The Cabal later on adds Justin Hammer’s robot creation Super-Adaptoid and Hyperion, an alien psychopath believing himself to be a superhero, to their team. With the threat of the Cabal, the Avengers fight them at every end as well as other threats that come to Earth.


Download Avengers Assemble Season 1 Episodes in Hindi

Download Avengers Assemble Season 1 Episodes in Hindi

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Avengers Assemble All Seasons in Hindi

Download Avengers Assemble Season 1 Episodes in Hindi


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  • Avenger Assemble r not in dual audio. It’s in English only.I have high expectation from this web site , which really provide good cartoon in hd but due to misleading like this only harm its reputation.