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Ben 10 Reboot Season 5 Special Episodes in Hindi Download HD

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Series Info

Name: Ben 10

Season No: 5

Episodes: 3

Release Year: 2021

Network: Cartoon Network

Language: English – Hindi

Quality: 480p | 720p | 1080p Web-DL

Encoder: ToonWorld4All, AnimeWolrd


Ben 10,010

In the distant future, an alien race called the Xerge comes to Earth to invade the entire world forcing President Gwen Tennyson to recruit her long-lost cousin, a disillusioned Ben 10,000. Ben 10,000 must recruit his past 10-year old self to stop the Xerge invasion with a Xerge transformation of their own.

Ben Gen 10

After a battle with Hex in Washington, D.C., Ben isn’t ready for his summer to end. However, he catches the attention of Rex Salazar and Bobo Haha, two Human and Chimpanzee/EVO hybrids running from Agent Six and the Providence wanting to capture Rex as an asset. When Rex leaks Ben’s alien DNA into the entire world infecting people into Omnitrix aliens, Ben, Rex, and Bobo must stop Hex from turning infected Omnitrix/EVO people into an army of aliens.

Alien X-tinction

After failing to save a Ben who’s lost his Omnitrix to the mysterious Alien X, an alternate dimension Max named Maximilian travels to the reboot dimension to warn Team Tennyson that Ben is the target of Alien X who travels around the Omniverse to steal Omnitrixes from alternate Bens and injure or kill them. After Alien X finally gets his hands on Ben’s Omnitrix, a Omnitrixless Ben, Gwen, Max, and Maximilian must ally themselves with Classic Ben ages 10 (Classic), 15 (Alien Force), 16 (Ultimate Alien) and 16 (Omniverse) and Gwen 10 to get Ben’s Omnitrix back and defeat Alien X once and for all.


Download Ben 10 Reboot Season 5 Episodes in Hindi

Download Ben 10 Reboot Season 5 Episodes in Hindi

Ben 10 Season 5 Consists 3 Special Episodes (45 Min)

Episode 1: Ben 10,010

Episode 2: Ben Gen 10

Episode 3: Alien X-tinction


Season 1

Sesson 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5



Ben 10 Reboot All Seasons/Episodes in Hindi

Ben 10 Reboot All Seasons/Episodes in Hindi



Ben 10 All Series in Hindi

Ben 10 All Series in Hindi



Ben 10 Reboot 2016 Review

I was watching Ben 10 since I was a kid and seeing it getting a lot of sequels was a very welcoming surprised since all of them were pretty good. But this one oh this one, this one made me cry inside.

This latest reboot was frankly garbage. Aside from the great animation style, it was pathetic compared to the first 3 iterations of Ben 10. I don’t mean art style as that is not very good but the animation style is very fluid and good. The storylines feel very low stakes and there’s too much emphasis on humor at the expense of drama and action. The episodes are also too short. They should be 22 minutes, NOT 11 minutes. Thankfully this waste of space is over and the next reboot will actually be good. We fans are definitely way overdue for a quality Ben 10 series.

Ben 10 shouldn’t have been rebooted, we grew up watching the original series of Ben 10 with that amazing art and design of characters (specially aliens) and fascinating stories, then we got blessed with Ben 10 Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, those were the best series ever, then we got Omniverse series which was not that good in design, but stories of it was dope with all those alternate Bens, then we got what? A Ben 10 reboot which is so trash, so childish and dissapointing.

What the hell was creators of the show was thinking?! What is this gross design?! Why did they made Ben and Gwen like 5 years old kids?! Why did they change aliens design?! Why the hell Stinkfly looks like a guy wearing a mosquito suit?! Why the hell Upgrade is purple?! Doesn’t alien’s body colour supposed to match with Omnitrix colour which is green?! Why does Ben have an alien named Overflow which is a complete copycat of Water Hazard? Does that mean Water Hazard is not canon anymore? This reboot is a complete disaster, they succeed at ruining Ben 10 franchise, but if they wanna save this franchise, they better end this reboot nonsense and continue from where they left off, continue the story after Omniverse series and make sure the design looks similar to Original series or Alien Force series, then they will get redemption.


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