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Completed Hindi Dub Nick/Sonic Ninja Hattori Tamil

Ninja Hattori (1981) Season 5 Multi Audio Episodes Download [480p]

Ninja Hattori  Episodes Hindi Dubbed Download, Ninja Hattori  Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download

Ninja Hattori [Hindi, English, Tamil & Telugu] Dubbed Episodes Download

Series Info

Name : Ninja Hattori-Kun

Release Year : 1981

Quality : 480p Org NF Web-DL and Org DD 2.0 + Audio

Language: Tamil + Telugu + Hindi + English

Size : 200-300MB

Ninja Hattori Episodes List (1981 Series)

Episodes Are According To Netflix List

Season 5

Episode 01 – It is Not Easy to Play a Central Character! / Shishimaru’s Fascination! / Found Some Autumn!

Episode 02 – The Movie Plan! / Winning a Prize! / Catching Sea Fish at an Old Pond!

Episode 03 – Who Is The Owner Of The Lost Property?! / Hattori Leaves Home! / Flowered By Sweet Potatoes!

Episode 04 – Papa’s Weight Loss Strategy! / Shishimaru, a Dodgeball! / Yuki Creates a Ruckus!

Episode 05 – Oh, God! It’s an Earthquake! / Getting an Exclusive Story! / Mighty World with Skateboard!

Episode 06 – Beat Out the Decayed Tooth! / Bringing the Voice Together! / Where Have the Twenty Points Gone?

Episode 07 – Ninja Technique of Rabbit Ears! / Shishimaru, a Talented Artist! / This is a Kodak Moment!

Episode 08 – Where Did the Tiger Run Away? / Mystery of the Haunted House! / Has Kiyo Hatched the Egg?

Episode 09 – Spring Cleaning is Not Easy! / What Do Mice Like the Most? / I Love Skiing!

Episode 10 – Saturday Afternoon is Quiet Boring! / Kiyo Remembers His Master! / Shinzou Takes Up Ninja Technique Challenge!

Episode 11 – Invitation to Mama’s Tea Party! / Kiyo, Father of an Abandoned Cat! / Skate Like a Pro!

Episode 12 – Ninja Art of Messaging Technique! / Looking Out For a Sponsor! / Swimming in the Cold Water!

Episode 13 – Papa is Being Called to the School! / Hell Broke Loose at the Bath House! / Radio Transceiver Commotion!

Episode 14 – Kenichi Becomes a Musician! / Oh, I Hate Winters! / Ninja Reversing Role Technique!

Episode 15 – Freeze in the Cold and Eat Steaks! / Fight Off the Demon on Setsubun Festival! / Papa’s Documents Flew Away!

Episode 16 – A Part-Time Job! / Shishimaru Turns Into a Rabbit! / It’s Valentine’s Day!

Episode 17 – Crook Technique Leads to an Injury! / Morning Star Comes Up Too Early! / Ninja Technique of Grandfather Hanasaka!

Episode 18 – Let’s Make a Raft with Empty Cans! / Ninja Fast Writing Technique! / Shishimaru Sings a Lullaby!

Episode 19 – I Am a Novelist! / What a Space Exhibition! / Jogging? Leave It to Me!

Episode 20 – Mama, a Novelist! / Kenichi Hates Yumeko! / Shishimaru, a Star of the Circus!

Episode 21 – Ninja Baseball! / Frog Training is Terrible! / April Fool, a Battle of Telling Lies!

Episode 22 – When a Puppy Comes! / Spring Comes in Shishimaru’s Life, Too! / There is Something in the Surprise House!

Episode 23 – A Lot of Cake! / Shishimaru Has an Upset Stomach! / Kenichi, the Famous Manager!

Episode 24 – A Scary Newspaper Delivery! / Kenichi Wants to Become a Big Man! / Fake Hattori Creates Havoc!

Episode 25 – Rice Planting Competition! / A Strange Confession! / Shishimaru is Kidnapped!

Episode 26 – I Hate Cameras! / Improving the Robot! / Kenichi is a Man!

Episode 27 – Tsubame’s Ninja Love Spark Technique! / A Challenge to Stop Mama! / A Western Stock Farm!

Episode 28 – Papa’s Confidence! / An Incident on Father’s Day! / Leave Shishimaru!

Episode 29 – The Dumb Policeman! / Afraid of Cakes? / Beware of Goods Displayed at the Bazaar!

Episode 30 – A Bad New Classmate! / Doing One Best Thing a Day! / Catching Crayfish!

Episode 31 – The Ninja Grandma! / The Gorilla’s Visit to the City! / Sumo Training is Tough!

Episode 32 – Kenichi’s Fine Play! / A Scrabble Over a Bride! / Let’s Catch the Myna!

Episode 33 – Ninja, the Great Train Challenge! / Pancakes Stuffed with Bean Jam! / The Real Culprit Who Licked the Sugar!

Episode 34 – Kiyo Runs Away! / We’ve Had it with the Ninja Mansion! / Laugh and Grow Fat!

Episode 35 – Let’s Climb Mount Fuji! / Capturing Unicorn Beetles! / Ninja Sleep Manipulation Technique!

Episode 36 – Papa is a Gifted Ninja! / Ninja Human Kite Technique! / When Typhoon Comes!

Episode 37 – Scared, Scared! Everyone Are Scared! / Shinzou’s Young Thunder Technique! / Cinderella in the School Play!

Episode 38 – Catching a Spoilt Brat! Yumeko’s Picture Postcard Which Got Burnt! Kenichi Works Hard!

Episode 39 – The Culprit is a Secret! / Very Busy With Ninja Change Yourself Technique! / Kenichi Starts Zen Meditation!

Episode 40 – Ninja So Many Troubles Technique! / Kenichi Goes on a Field Trip! / Hattori’s Style Special Method of Learning Kanji!

Episode 41 – Yumeko’s Personal Invitation! / Teacher is the Best Fisherman! / Shinzou Suffers a Stomach Ache!

Episode 42 – Teacher’s Instant Camera! / The Forgotten Lottery! / Teach Me How to Sleep!

Episode 43 – Yumeko Poses For a Painting! / Shishimaru Has No Confidence! / Mama’s Pampering!

Episode 44 – Let’s Stop Sir’s Hiccups! / How an Ad Balloon Comes to Rescue! / Yumeko’s Sweater Which Got Shrunk!

Episode 45 – The Head Of the Statue Gives Way! / Kenichi’s Talent is Exploding! / Sir is Having Trouble With His Mama!

Episode 46 – The Scary Snowlady! / Beware of Boss’ Dog! / Kemumaki Hits Rock Bottom!

Episode 47 – Ninja Technique of Crow Puppets! / Sir Is In Love! / Flying Race of Pigeons!

Episode 48 – Restoring Sir’s Reputation! / Shishimaru is a Ninja Dog! / The Bear Uproar at the Sky to Rein!

Episode 49 – Recover the Policeman’s Pistol! / Kenichi Has a Very Bad Stomach Ache! / Beware of Compliments!

Episode 50 – Ninja Test is a Big Mess! / Ninja Technique of Intertwining the Heart! / Hell Breaks Loose Because of a Strange Visitor!

Episode 51 – Birthday Gift to Sir! / The Kindness Test is a Great Success!

Episode 52 – Ninja Bowling War! / A Big Discovery, African! / Shishimaru Wants to Become a Bronze Statue!

Episode 53 – The Laughter and Cries of the Amusement Park! / Papa Loses His Money! The Laughter and Cries of the Amusement Park! / Papa Loses His Money!

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