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Power Rangers in Space Episodes in Hindi Download (Season 6)

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Live-Action Series Info

Name: Power Rangers in Space

Season No: 6

Episodes: 43

Release Year: 1998

TV Channel (India): Nick/Sonic

Language: Hindi

Quality: 480p

Size: 40MB-120MB


After being defeated by Divatox, the former Turbo Rangers T.J., Cassie, Ashley, and Carlos leave for space with a voice-damaged Alpha 6 in search of their old mentor Zordon and are taken to a strange spaceship. Elsewhere on the Cimmerian Planet, the evil Dark Specter is celebrating his conquest of Eltar with his guests in the United Alliance of Evil: Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, Master Vile, the Machine Empire, Divatox, General Havoc, and their many minions. As the villains enjoy a banquet, an unwelcome guest crashes the party — a Red Power Ranger. Dark Specter sends his chosen disciple Astronema to pursue and destroy him.

As he retreats to the spaceship, the Red Ranger Andros finds the former Turbo Rangers and Alpha examining the ship. Though he does help repair Alpha’s damaged voice (giving him a new vocal tone more similar to his predecessor), Andros initially doesn’t trust his new guests. When they help defend the Astro Megaship from Astronema, Andros gives them all-new Astro Morphers as an act of gratitude, allowing them to transform into Space Rangers like him.

From the Astro Megaship (which can also transform into the Astro Megazord), the Space Rangers patrol the galaxy as they try to locate Zordon and rescue him from Dark Specter, who intends to absorb the sage’s power into himself. However, they are frequently forced to postpone the search in order to protect Angel Grove from Astronema, her loyal general (and adopted father) Ecliptor, and the seemingly-immortal bounty hunter Darkonda. Old friends such as Adam Park, Justin Stewart, and the Phantom Ranger come to the Rangers’ aid alongside new allies such as D.E.C.A., the Megaship’s onboard A.I., and Zhane, the Silver Space Ranger and Andros’ childhood friend from their homeworld of KO-35. New resources are also granted in the form of the Delta Megazord, the Mega Voyager, and the Mega Winger.

When Andros is able to confront Astronema at one point, he learns to his surprise that she is actually Karone, his sister that had disappeared many years ago when they were children. Darkonda had kidnapped her so that Dark Specter and Ecliptor could raise her in the ways of evil. Though Andros is able to convince Karone to forsake her evil upbringing and return with him to the Astro Megaship, she is recaptured by Darkonda and placed under intense cybernetic brainwashing alongside Ecliptor.

With no trace of her former life left in her, Astronema resumes her evil plans by sending down an adversary unlike any other — the Psycho Rangers, five violent psychopathic cyborgs programmed to terminate the Power Rangers. They are all powered by Dark Specter’s evil energies, weakening him as part of Astronema’s larger plan to kill her master and become the sole ruler of the United Alliance of Evil. Through many long and arduous battles, the Power Rangers are able to slowly weaken and eventually defeat the Psycho Rangers.

As the series comes to a close, Dark Specter rallies his forces and launches a full-scale invasion on the universe. The Power Rangers and all their allies from across the galaxy try their hardest to fend off the overwhelming forces but are unable to hold up against the onslaught. However, Dark Specter is assassinated by Darkonda, who is then killed by Dark Specter and Astronema quickly takes advantage of the unexpected diversion by declaring herself to be the new undisputed Queen of Evil.

In his last-ditch attempt to end the invasion, Andros infiltrates Astronema’s Dark Fortress where he finds Zordon imprisoned. Zordon demands that his energy tube be shattered in order to save the universe, an act that would also result in his death, but Andros refuses to kill him. However, Astronema and Ecliptor arrive to keep him from doing anything. When Astronema is accidentally killed during the conflict, Ecliptor breaks out of his brainwashing and attacks Andros in a rage.

Andros is forced to do what must be done and destroys Zordon. In doing so, the sage’s purifying energies wash across the entire universe, turning all evil it touches into dust, while Rita, Zedd, and Divatox are purified and become human instead, and Astronema is also restored to life as Karone. Though Zordon’s death comes as a grave loss, the universe takes heart in knowing that his legacy will continue to live forever through the Power Rangers.


Download Power Rangers in Space Episodes in Hindi

Download Power Rangers in Space Episodes in Hindi

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